Britney has plans to get back into the recording studio after ********** kicks off.

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Whew! For those of you about to turn in your stan card because the lack of new Britney tunes, hold off. The princess of pop’s longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, confirms our fav will continue recording new music after ********** premieres.

During an interview with Billboard discussing the new venue both Britney and Lady Gaga are performing in, The Park Theater at Park MGM, Rudolph spilled the beans.

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“We were supposed to do 96 shows over two years at Planet Hollywood and ended up doing 250 shows over four years and it was incredibly successful, but it got to the point where Britney wanted a change of scenery,” says Rudolph. He also said they were scoping out that venue as far back as 2016 because Britney’s made it very clear that despite having the option to tour or perform a residency in another city, she was keen on staying in Vegas. “She wanted to come out with a new show at a new place and do it differently.”

Though Billboard doesn’t have a direct quote from Rudolph confirming Britney’s plans to hit the studio following the ********** launch, they claim he said so.

“Spears will continue working on new music once the show launches.”

It’s worth clarifying that Rudolph’s statement doesn’t imply she hasn’t already started recording, but that she’ll pick up where she left off. In other words, Britney isn’t in the beginning stages of her new album.

This makes complete sense. Britney previously said she had plans to record new music, but found it difficult because of ********** rehearsals and raising her two boys. The obvious thing would be to point out that she hasn’t been rehearsing for ********** throughout most of 2018, but we won’t. And also, no one’s here for a rushed record. If they call Myah then keep it.

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This nearly confirms suspicions that we aren’t getting a single new tune in **********, but at least we have a carrot to chase throughout 2019. Queen B could very well drop a new album in Q4, maybe her bday, and y’all know damn well it’ll be worth the wait.

However, if they don’t release at least a buzz single, a leftover track, a collab, anything, some time soon… the Britney Army will revolt.

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