In the April issue of Allure magazine, Britney Spears admits that she let herself go in recent months and that the beginning of her marriage to Kevin Federline has been somewhat rocky.

The singer said that she was grateful that paparazzi shots revealed she was gaining more pounds than usual because “it made me see that I needed to lose weight.” Pointing to her stomach, she told the magazine, “As you can see, I still have the honeymoon aftereffect… I was just lounging around and eating and laying out and just didn’t have a care in the world.”

That didn’t help the honeymoon transition into a successful marriage, she said, because “********” reality set in after the first three weeks.

“Before we got married, we were on tour, and we were like kids, ordering room service, saying, ‘Let’s go out tonight.’ And then all of a sudden, you have the kids,” she told the magazine, referring to Federline’s children, Kori and Kaleb, “you have the diapers, get the dogs to the vet. It’s this whole reality, you know.

But we handled it fine, and now things are starting to go really smooth.” However, she’s no longer hoping to have a child of her own in the immediate future. “I’m not pregnant,” she said. “It’s not something I’ve striving for.”

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