ROB CHILTON, “OK” MAGAZINE: Well, I think we‘re taking this picture a little too seriously. You know, Britney has always been known for making controversial statements, controversial videos, controversial songs. And I think this is just another one of those statements.

She‘s having fun. You know, she‘s pregnant. She‘s got a 10-month-old baby at home. She probably thought, “Hey, why not have a day in a photographic stereo, get my hair and make up done?” Just having a day off. You know, she‘s having fun. I don‘t think there‘s anything really that we should get too hot up about yet.

SCARBOROUGH: But you look at these pictures though. I mean, there other things she could have done on her day off to have fun, especially, again, if she‘s sitting around crying to Matt Lauer about how she wants to be left alone and wants to have privacy. Certainly, I mean, she had to know, Rob, that this was going to cause a sensation and have people talking about her again.

CHILTON: Of course, she knew. I mean, Britney has played the P.R. game very well. You know, this is what pop stars do. They make publicity stunts, and this is one of them.

And, yes, the Matt Lauer thingyou know, I think that maybe was just an emotional day for her. I don‘t think it was planned, that kind of outburst. I think that was genuinely quite an emotional day for her.

DIRMANN: You know what? I don‘t know, and I guess it‘s what‘s perplexing. You know, you said it earlier. With Demi Moore, this was a classy lady, and we gave it to her when she came out. This was sort of a statement of femininity.

So I think thisyou know, you say Demi Moore was making a feminist statement and Britney is desperate. Well, you know, why is Britney not making a feminist statement here? I think, you know, we should lay off. I think it‘s a bit of fun. And it does make a great magazine cover. You can‘t deny that one.

SCARBOROUGH: Rob, quickly, do you think it‘s going to work? Will it help her career restart?

CHILTON: Yes, but not just yet. I think this is the first step of a number of steps to making her comeback. And I think she looks gorgeous, and I think that she‘ll come back to bigger and better things.

Credit: MSNBC

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