Britney Didn't Call Kevin To Congratulate Him

If your ex finds love again and decides to re-marry, should you be happy for them? I guess the answer is yes, but I’d probably throw plates and stomp up and down in disgust, then smile and remember why I dumped his broke ***. I mean, I’m not using any of my own experience for this… I’m just guessing that’s how Britney feels! Promise!

So it’s no surprise to hear she hasn’t reached out to him yet about his recent wedding to Victoria Prince.

Check out his response:

Speaking of… The National Enquirer claims Britney was really upset when she found out Kevin popped the question to Prince and married her the next day.

“When Britney was told the news, she screamed uncontrollably. Then she collapsed in tears,” some ******** source tells the rag.

“She wasn’t invited.”


“She’s long suffered from the delusion that she and Kevin would one day get back together and raise their two boys,” they continued.

Makes sense considering she hasn’t dated anyone since their split. Well, besides her engagement to Jason Trawick. Oh, and her current boyfriend David Lucado.

BS Alert!