Can you blame her?

Britney has a crush on her female therapist, according to new reports.

The therapist was forced to cut off contact with Britney after the sessions were “sexually arousing” for Britney.

A source says, “She thought the doctor was interested in her also, because the shrink’s approach to Britney was so different from other doctors. Britney mistook the doctor’s patience and kindness for flirtation.”

The source claims Britney “demanded more appointments, her cell number, and even called using different names – trying to make more appointments.”

Jamie disconnected Britney’s cell phone from making outgoing calls, leaving Britney confused; she thought it’d make Jamie happy she was into a “successful woman” who had no interest in her money.

File this under the ******** category! But if true, I think it’s great Britney wants so desperately to OPEN UP to a professional! Well, you know what I mean…


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