Sad day for Britney fans.

Producer Rusko, who’s currently working on Britney’s new album, is mourning the loss of his house and belongings after his car exploded in his driveway and set fire to his house, according to

“All of his Britney demos were lost in the fire!”

Rusko‘s worked with T.I., Rhianna and M.I.A., and, at the time, says he was making something “crazy” for Britney in an interview with Rhapsody.

Question: When you work on a Britney track is there ever a temptation to sneak in something totally weird?


Answer: “Well the thing is, they could go to the regular people who make hit pop records if they wanted something straight, but the whole reason they came to me was because I make more weird music anyway, so I already have a license to be crazy with it. It’s Britney, she’s got money. If she didn’t want crazy she could ask someone who had a massive string of hit albums before, you know?”

Grim day for Britney-music lovers, but glad that he’s OK!


UPDATE: Rusko Tweeted saying he saved his hard-drive – meaning he possibly saved the Britney-demos?

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