Britney Demands To Work With “Unattractive” People

Britney demands she work with ugly people, claims this week’s Star magazine.

She ”insists that all the people working for her be unattractive.” They don’t provide a reason why, but we can imagine it’s because Britney has no time for the ~lessers~!

They also perpetuate the rumors she demands a large beauty team, “consisting of a personal manicurist, facialist, massage therapist and 34 Hervé Léger dresses, which go for $2,000 a pop.”

A rep for Britney tells Gossip Cop the story is “completely fabricated,” adding that Britney “doesn’t have” a so-called “beauty team” on the show, and also wears a range of different designers to the tapings.

I’m sure Simon, LA, Demi and Jason are thrilled about this story tbh…

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