Yahoo News: It looks like BRITNEY SPEARS isn’t so ‘Sweet.’ I hear the 23-year-old new momma pop princess has turned down a very lucrative offer to star in the Broadway revival of Sweet Charity. As I exclusively reported, Spears was in talks to replace CHRISTINA APPLEGATE as the unlucky-in-love Charity. She was also looking to get hubby KEVIN FEDERLINE a job in the show as a dancer. “Britney said she couldn’t do it because of ‘family issues,'” a source tells me.

I’m told producers spent tens of thousands of dollars on wooing her. She apparently racked up quite a bill on private jets and hotel suites. “The producers didn’t mind,” my source says. “They thought they’d make that money back right away once she said yes.” A source close to Spears tells me that she decided against a Broadway run “because she didn’t want to uproot her family to New York and make such a long commitment. Of course, she seriously considered it, but she’s a new mom and Kevin has two other kids who are also on the West Coast.”

Source: Yahoo News

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