Watch an advertisement for Britney’s new (but I hope she smells my) perfume!

Britney Debuts New 'Rocker Femme Fantasy' Perfume Commercial

Cuecardney who?

There’s a new commercial airing of Britney promoting her 147th perfume, Rocker Femme Fantasy. Brit talks to the camera (with direct eye contact!) while backstage at her Vegas show in her hot opening piece.

The queen is brief in the new clip, gracing us with 14 seconds of her time:

Hi, it’s Britney *****. Welcome backstage at my Vegas show. I’m so excited to launch my new fragrance, Rocker Femme Fantasy. I hope it gives you the power to unlock your rock & roll side.

No word whether she filmed at the time of her Super Bowl 2015 promo, but we’ll assume yes.

Check it out:

Does it give YOU the power to unlock your rock ‘n’ roll side?