Britney Dealt With Jamie’s “Problems” As A Child

June 23, 2009 By Jordan Miller

Britney’s uncle, Willie Spears, brother to Jamie Spears, claims Britney grew up in a violent household, according to new reports.

Britney reportedly witnessed her father, Jamie Spears, in his drunken rages at their home when Britney was a child.

“I was at the house and Jamie walked in drunk and called Lynne a bad name,” Willie revealed. “She was in the kitchen drinking water and he grabbed the glass, walked into the lounge and just hurled it. It was rough, but the sad thing is that it became normal life.”

Lynne tried divorcing Jamie in 1980, a year before Britney was born, as well as seeking a restraining order after fearing the divorce would “spark his temper.”

Willie continued to say Jamie’s behavior under the influence became “normal” for Britney to be around as a kid.

He continued: “One time Jamie was drunk and tried to drive off with Britney in the car. She was no more than five years old. I tried to stop him, so I reached into the truck to grab the keys from the ignition and he punched me. We got right into it there by the car, fighting in front of her.

“Britney was jumping up and down, crying. Lynne had to run out to get her inside. We Spears men are known for fighting. If Britney happened to be there, so be it.”

Britney reportedly dealt with the tramautic stress of her father by simply “blocking it out.”

Willie added: “At first Britney was a scared child and you’d catch her crying but she reached the stage when she just walked off, as if it wasn’t happening. And as she got older, she would scream and curse at her parents to get them to stop fighting.”