Britney Dealing With Stress From Tour

July 1, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Friends of Britney’s tell OK! Magazine she’s spiraling downward due to the immense pressure from the Femme Fatale tour.

One friend says “Right now she’s under an incredible amount of stress, which has everyone worried.” Britney’s been “bingeing on candy and fast food,” reveals the insider. “When she’s nervous, she overeats,” confirms a second source. Lately she’s just totally stopped caring about how she looks.”

“The anxiety of her tour is keeping her up at night.” With five tough months of touring ahead, the insider says, “something really has to be done” to get fragile Britney back on track.

Boyfriend Jason Trawick is very protective over Britney. “He yells at us constantly and grabs our cell phones,” one photographer tells OK!. “It’s usually when she’s having a bad day.” Sources say Jason’s teamed up with Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears. “They are keeping an eye on her to make sure nothing goes wrong.”

The insider made comparisons to Britney’s “I Wanna Go” music video and her real life. “It’s an artistic expression on one hand, but it’s a glimpse into how much rage she’s still dealing with, which is pretty scary.”

So what if homegirl eats a few extra cupcakes while on tour? If I performed in front of 10,000 people several times a week I think I’d have a shot of pancake, too! It’s refreshing to see a pop star not give a **** about what society tells her to be.

File this under the ******** category.