Britney says she is “in love” with boyfriend David Lucado in part two of her ET interview, meeting through mutual friends at dinner. “We were eating at a restaurant,” Britney said of first meeting David. “[A couple friends] knew him and they introduced me to him and we just kind of hit it off.”

“I like the fact that he’s very stubborn and stuck in his ways, and he’s very simple minded and he’s just a simple man,” Britney says about her man. “I adore him.”

She also talks about kissing the mystery man in “Perfume” (literally a mystery… she doesn’t know his name) and how that affects David.

“We had a discussion about that. In Hollywood it’s so acceptable to just like go do a movie and makeout with someone… but I think some people who are very old fashioned kind of don’t believe in that… we’re kind of torn in that whole situation.”

Check out the full segment below: