Britney Crying At The Four Seasons Last Night

July 10, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Last night, Britney was spotted by X17’s stalkers paparazzi at the Four Seasons hotel located in Beverly Hills. X17 is reporting that Britney looked very upset, to the point of tears. According to the source, Britney was “sobbing during dinner with her new bodyguard/manny by her side” while smoking cigarettes. Britney then went upstairs, and wasn’t seen after that.

X17 also mentions that Alli has mysteriously disappeared. She was seen with Britney for every waking moment, and ****… disappears. Rumors are that Britney and Alli are having a little tiff, hence the separation. Only time will tell what the real story is.

And no wonder Britney is upset. She’s under surveillance 24 hours a day. I would have cried a lot sooner than she did.

Source: x17, BreatheHeavy