Britney’s conservatorship has no scheduled end in sight, according to

They claim Britney herself can attempt to end the conservatorship, just hasn’t.

“The conservators have not filed a petition to end it and there are no indications, based on our sources, that it’s wrapping up any time soon,” claims TMZ.

Britney can ask the judge to end the personal conservatorship, which will lead to an investigation proving Britney is capable of making decisions for herself and the kids.

There are two conservatorships: one on Britney the person, and the other controls her finances.

TMZ says Britney runs “hot and cold” over ending the conservatorship, as Jamie’s allowed Britney more freedom this year.

Someone needs to throw a bucket of water in her face and tell her to WAKE UP and take control. There’s only so many excuses we as fans can make for her; she needs to take this matter into her own hands and end this for good.


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