Britney’s releasing Cosmic Radiance, a new fragrance spinoff from the original, Radiance.

The sensual floral fragrance is a tribute to bold, confident, fun and flirty women.


“I believe that all women can create their own world where they shine the brightest,” Britney said in a release. “It’s all about having the power and confidence to be yourself. When I wear my new scent, Cosmic Radiance, I feel beautiful, empowered and ****.”

“The fragrance will be more contrasted and complex than the original,” reports People. “It’s infused with a splash of citrus along with notes of amber, sandalwood and liquid vanilla. The eau de parfum spray starts at $39.50 per bottle, and will be available across the globe at select retailers and at Kohl’s stores nationwide.”

The rumor posted in May said it’d launch the same time as the Remix Album!

I bet Brand Sense is thrilled!

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