Britney Continues Rehearsing

While you were sitting on your *** in your cubicle, Britney Spears got to work (*****).

It’s not a great day unless I see Britney leaving the gym en route to the dance studio with a Starbucks coffee in hand.

Britney’s hit up the dance studio quite frequently over the last few weeks, fueling the rumor she’s adding a new number to the opening act of Piece Of Me. But what could it be?

The only lead single from all her album’s that didn’t make the cut is “Hold It Against Me,” so here’s to hoping it’s that (please be “Breathe On Me,” please). That, or she’s filming a commercial for “Fantasy: Stage Edition” which will result in an Exhale meltdown.

Earlier in the day, Britney shared a personal moment with fans encouraging them to smile while their teef are still intact.

Here’s another shot of Brit from the same day – giving me Circusney teas .

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Tuesday was a great day.

Image via DailyMail