More conservatorship news. Your favorite!

According to TMZ, “Britney and her conservators have formally asked the court commissioner handling her conservatorship to allow her to go on a U.S. tour next year, with the possibility of taking it worldwide.”

When Britney met with the commissioner last Friday (for the first time), she reportedly said “she wants to tour, feels competent to do so and she wants her conservators to make the necessary deals with backup singers, roadies, venues, ticket brokers and the many others involved.”

So if they feel she’s “competent” enough to tour, why the need for a conservatorship?

The conservators, including Jamie, are “on board” with tour plans, and have “laid out how the deals will be structured,” as well as agreeing to submit all of the contracts for court review. Of course!

“The proposed order is on the commissioner’s desk, and she could sign it as early as tomorrow. If that happens, we’re told the conservators will immediately begin making deals for the tour.”

Under this conservatorship, Britney is legally not allowed to make any deals or decisions for the tour.

Bet that’s not all Britney and the commissioner talked about during their private meeting in the commissioner’s chambers!

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