Seemingly out of nowhere, Sia smashed the pop music scene with her new (AMAZING) song titled “Chandelier.”
Sia, who’s written for A-listers including Beyoncé (“Pretty Hurts”), David Guetta (“Titanium”), Katy Perry (“Double Rainbow”), Rihanna (“Diamonds”), and most recently Britney’s (“Perfume”), is back with her first single in four years.

The song came about from an “impromptu jam session” between Sia, Jesse Shatkin and Greg Kurstin.

“At some point, Greg had to run out, and me and Sia were in his live room with his piano and drum set and just kind of jammed for a second,” Shatkin said. “Greg has a marimba, so I was playing marimba — some weird notes — and Sia was playing the piano. She records everything on her phone, so we just kind of figured out a chord progression together. She sent it to me on a voice note, and I turned it into a track. She already had the melody instinctively while she was writing the chords. We were real excited that she wanted to do this for her record, and then Greg added his production. I was really proud of it… It was one of the first things that I did with her. She’s just a phenomenal, mind-blowing talent and I was just so excited about it. And for it to be a single is crazy — a dream come true.”

Britney Tweeted Sia about the hit:

Definitely a smart idea she passed along “Perfume” and released this one; my new jam!