Britney Confirms She's Dating Someone, Had No Idea Taylor Swift Almost Beat Her Record

Britney confirms she’s dating someone.

During an interview with Extra at Britney Day at The LINQ Promenade on Wednesday, Britney tells DJ Pauly D: “Yes, there is a special someone.”

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It’s reported she’s dating producer Charlie Ebersol, but when pressed further about it she remained tight-lipped, saying “It’s very new.”

Pauly D then asked Britney if she gets nervous when celebs attend her Piece Of me show. The answer is yes, yes she gets nervous.

“I think Jennifer Lopez came to one of the shows a couple of weeks ago and I was extremely nervous.”

A producer chimes in informing Britney Taylor Swift almost beat her 14-year-old record for biggest opening week by a female ever with “Oops!… I Did It Again,” but she had no idea. She thought that was very cool.

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