Britney Confirms She Already Started Recording Her Tenth Studio Album

November 29, 2016 By Jordan Miller

It might be Britney’s birthday in a few days, but she’s the one handing out gifts.


It might be Britney’s birthday in a few days, but she’s the one handing out gifts.

The pop princess just released the second single off her 2016’s Glory album with “Slumber Party” featuring Tinashe, which debuted at No. 86 on the Hot 100 this week, but she has her sights set on recording new material for the next studio album.

In a new interview with Caesars, The Holy Spearit describes her recent LP before diving into the life-changing revelation.

“I think the vibe of Glory is a lot different than my previous albums,” she says. “We experimented with so many things while we were making the record. I feel like this time, I was really able to be hands on. I’m so proud of every song that we put on the album.”

She adds: “It took us a couple of years to make this album, and of course over time, musical styles change and sometimes other ideas pop up that you just like better. The songs on Glory were no-brainers for me—they were the best of all the songs we recorded.”

Knowing Britney took the sonic reigns to the LP is music to our ears, considering it’s one of the best albums she’s ever put forth.

And a followup is already in the works.

“I’m not sure what I want the next album to sound like,” she says. “I just know that I’m excited to get into the studio again and actually have already been back recording.”

Britney also touches on a couple of other important topics.

Her backstage “must haves”: sweet iced tea, a few candles (she says they calm her nerves) and a CD player. “Yes, I still use CDs,” she admits, then adds. “Believe it or not, I still do get a bit nervous before I go onstage. But once the show starts and I hear the roar of the crowd, I’m totally energized.”

If she has plans to tour soon: “I’m not sure yet.”

Piece Of Me: “Vegas has really been a fabulous experience for me. I say it all the time, it’s become like a second home. I love everything about it.”

How motherhood changed her outlook on life: “It’s taught me how to put others’ needs ahead of my own. My sons are my most precious gift, and I always want to do right by them.” She says that fighting through adversity in her life has helped keep her grounded and preserved her identity. “I’ve learned to always be true to yourself,” she says. “I try not to do anything in my personal and professional life that isn’t organic to who I am.”

And finally, what she mastered this past summer: Planet Hollywood’s wave simulator and “parkour,” an obstacle course training discipline often used by contestants of the show American Ninja Warrior.

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