Britney says we can expect new songs in Piece Of Me when the album drops.


Britney’s 2016 takeover is well underway.

On Saturday (Feb. 13), Britney launched her reimagined Piece Of Me show which featured a setlist change that included songs from previous albums, sexed up outfits and fresh choreography. Though she’s only two shows in of her remixed residency, there’s still plans to switch things up later this year. Ahead of opening night, Brit chatted with Extra’s Mario Lopez to reveal not only will she change up the show again, her ninth studio album will be available “soon.”

“I have a new album coming out soon, so it’s just like a taste of what’s to come,” she said of Piece Of Me. “The new stuff isn’t actually in it yet, but there’s a lot of surprises. There’s a lot of new costume changes. There’s a lot of new surprise songs in there from artists I really respect. There’s a lot of prop changes, and there’s more to come this year that’s gonna be changed.”

Last year, Britney made several comments on stage about men, specifically one which went crazy viral: “Frankly, men can **** my f**king toe.” She explains the outburst was due to “men issues. Daddy issues. I’m behind that now.”

Piece Of Me has pulled in a crowd of A-listers since it launched in December 2013, including Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. However, Britney’s none the wiser. “I’d rather not know because it makes me nervous,” Brit said. “I really look up to those people.”

One celeb who’s eyeing a visit is Adele, who recently said “Britney is the queen.” Extra told Britney that, and her response was a match. “I love her. She’s great. She’s the ******* queen!”

On taking gym classes: “I like to go to class, I like to compete with people. I get on the treadmill and I try to run as fast as they do. So I like to be with a bunch of people, and I go to classes.”

Her boys: “They’re at the ‘Star Wars’ movie right now. This is the second time they’ve seen it. They just keep going back and they love it. I’m not really interested in that, but that’s their thing.”

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