Received a lot of emails this morning from French BreatheHeavy readers claiming Britney is 100% confirmed to perform on French television show “Star Academy” on November 28th.

According to, “La rumeur l’annoncait depuis plusieurs semaines, ce serait desormais officiel. Selon le site internet Pure People, Britney Spears sera presente sur le plateau de la Star Academy le 28 novembre prochain. Elle viendra faire la promotion de son nouvel album, “Circus”, qui sortira le 1er decembre prochain en France. Contactee par Ozap, sa maison de disques nous a confirme cette information.”

No idea what the hell that says, but it sounds romantic. Not so legit, but romantic nontheless.

According to a source, it’s one of the show’s producer’s ideas to re-launch the show. The prodocuers of Tele Loisirs magazine claim to have received Britney’s personal approval to not only come on set for the prime-time show, but also to spend the Wednesday prior to the show at rue Charlot with students.

Though this performance is still unconfirmed, Britney IS expected to perform on Britain’s hit show X-Factor in Liverpool on November 29th, just one day after her rumored performance in France on Star Academy.

Perhaps Britney is already in Europe – she’s been M.I.A. again for the last few days. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

UPDATE: Thanks to a BH reader for the translation above: “The rumor which started it all a couple of weeks ago seems now to be official. According to the website Pure People, Britney Spears will be present on the Star Academy show on the 28th of November. She would be doing the promotion of her new album, Cicrus, which will be out on the 1st of December. When contacted by Ozap, her record company confirmed this information.”

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