She just hates cold eggs.

Britney’s new interview is a must-listen!

Cool, collected, spritely; the princess of pop was on her A-game in a new interview with Singapore radio station Kiss 92 FM ahead of her show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 30.

The singer made headlines this week when one of her quotes in another interview was taken out of context. Britney reportedly said she was “not really an ethnic food person,” adding: “I am not keen on trying your local food. I am more of a mac and cheese person.”

The “Liar” singer is setting the record straight. In a new phoner, Britney explains:

“They served that cold egg. Like three times… And I was so hungry… And I can’t… I can’t eat cold eggs! So they took that in the interview as I was saying I wasn’t keen on trying other foods,” she said.

“I love food. Food is my best friend. I’m very open…”

Well there you have it.

There’s a few other gems in the interview, like mistakenly calling the Wonder Woman movie ‘Superwoman,’ what song of hers she would sing if the world were coming to an end and if she could do the whole fame thing all over again, would she?

Check it out below:

A flaw free interview.

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