Well what do you know? Looks like Britters is jacking in her marriage to gropey hands Kev once and for all – after he was caught having a go at Paris Hilton in a Vegas club last week. Spears has been snapped shopping with a naked wedding-ring finger and it seems that this time it could really be over… Apparently Spears gave Federline his final warning after he was caught with his greasy trotter on Hilton’s dress strap at Palms casino. K-Fed claims that – wait for it – he got his cufflink caught as he gave Paris a friendly smacker on the cheek. What a wanker. A source remarked to the Star: “Britney’s no fool…She wants this marriage to work but she’s not going to take any ******** from him.” Too late Britters, too late.

Credit: britneyglamour

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