Britney is in love with Kevin and can’t wait to have him entirely. According to recent reports even in Greece where she went on a lavish trip, she went *** crazy over Kevin.
Britney Spears, 22, is gearing up for her role as stepmother too, meeting one of the two children fathered by her fiancé, Kevin Federline, 26, with his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, 27. She knows only way to make Kevin a *** slave is to love the two step children!
People reports that on Aug. 5, Federline brought 2-year-old Kori to the Los Angeles set where Spears was filming a perfume commercial. Spears “wanted to go to the trailer to see her whenever she could,” director Dave Meyers told the mag. Spears “was spirited and really happy.”
The trio posed for pictures, People reports, but the family portrait isn’t quite complete. Brit has yet to meet Jackson or Federline’s newest child, a son, 5-week-old Kaleb.
People says there is no ill will between Spears and Jackson. (And rumors that Spears bought Jackson a home in Orange County are not true, the magazine says.) Rather, the timing just hasn’t been right.
Brit has been busy in the months before her wedding (no official date yet). She has been shopping with her mother. There was a trip to Hawaii with Federline and a new home to purchase and fumigate in California.
Naturally, Jackson’s busy, too, what with two tots in tow. But she also has The Shar Jackson Project; a reality show she’s making that will showcase the struggles of being a single parent while pursuing music and acting career.

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