Britney may be using Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” music video director, Jonas Akerlund, but don’t think Brit’s video for Hold It Against Me is anything Monster-like.

“The styling for this video is beyond what Britney has done before,” choreographer Brian Friedman tells “B. Akerlund did the styling for it, and I can say that it is not ‘Britney does Gaga.’ That is not what’s happening with this. Gaga has her own niche, and although B. has worked with Gaga before, she’s not giving Britney anything that Gaga would wear. I love seeing Britney try out new things. It’s just an extension of what Britney already is.”

Brian coached Britney throughout the dance scenes in the video. “One of the places that we always tend to improve with Britney is on her beauty shots, when it’s just Britney alone dancing,” he said. “And one of the little tricks that I like to do is stand right off camera and scream words at her to try and get motivation from her and coach her through the little scenario that she’s in, so we did that in this video. And I know there was a picture posted of a bunch of microphones around her face, and that’s one of the scenes in particular where I was screaming at her on the side – in a good way.”

What are the things he likes to yell to get the fire inside of Britney ignited? So, what does he scream at her? “Tiger! I scream tiger,” he dished. “When we first started working and I had her back in the studio, I was referring to how she danced when we were working together in the past, when we were doing ‘Slave,’ ‘Toxic,’ like some of those things. She used to have a prowl about her and an attack that to me was like a tiger, so I kept telling her, ‘I want to see the tiger back,’ ” he revealed.

“I scream the word ‘tiger,’ so ‘tiger’ seems to work. It makes her laugh, so it works.”

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