Expect street paintings’ sales to sky rocket now that Godney spontaneously purchased one over the weekend. On her way out of Target in Westlake, Brit saw a female artist selling her work and decided to pull over and check them out.

The Daily Mail describes the oil painting as “generic” and lazy.

“Apparently the artist could not have been bothered to bring any sense of authenticity to her painting as the shops lacked names altogether and simply advertised their particular type of business.”

Right, because “Daily Mail” is innovative and authentic.

Ain’t nothin wrong with a girl daydreaming she was sipping a latte in Paris. Unfortunately, paparazzi photographed the wrong painting. She actually bought a self-portrait, and MuuMuse has the exclusive shot.

It’s actually refreshing for someone so loaded to buy street art simply because they like it AND supporting a fellow female artist at the same time. Haters gon hate. Nice choice, Brit!

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