Britney Buys 6-Foot Bunny For Maddie

June 25, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Can you imagine waking up when you’re old enough to finally start recognizing things and faces, and seeing a big-*** 6 foot bunny in the corner of your room? Well according to, Maddie Briann, Jamie Lynn’s new baby, may just have to face that fear – and then some! Britney has ordered a customized six-foot tall bunny from Los Angeles boutique Petit Tresor. [She] splashed out $600 on baby accessories at exclusive boutique Petit Tresor, including several ‘Bunsies‘ by Bunnies by the Bay” at the L.A. boutique. Britney reportedly spent more than $30,000 on furniture and items to decorate Maddie Briann’s nursery.

Not only will Maddie face the mutant bunny, but a “custom made, six-foot tall elephant with a blue bow which Britney wants to sit in the middle of the nursery” as well.

Well, once Maddie grows out of these giant stuff animals, they could always just store them in their big red barn. I bet that bunny lays the best eggs…

Fun fact of the day: elephants can swim!