“The woman is a walking surgical machine” says Kevin, Britney’s Fiancé, after spending 2 hours in the hospital waiting on his lover Britney Spears to get out of the ER when Miss, soon the be Mrs. Spears, has bumped her knew tearing the scare from a pointed edge of a table that lays in the middle of the apartment floor. “It was about 2 in the morning and Britney walked out to get something to drink, then I herd this “****” cry out form the living room” added Kevin. Britney is doing fine and the doctors says it has not hurt the knee one bit, just a few tears here and there. “I didn’t even want to head to the emergency room until Larry, my manager, ordered me to. It’s in my contract at Jive to make sure I take full care of myself. We cannot have any mishaps anymore” says Britney.


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