The rumors are true, Britney IS moving out of L.A. and heading north to Calabasas in search of a new home. Despite reports that Britney has already purchased a multi-million dollar home, Britney will be renting a home in Calabasas, while CONSTRUCTING a new home from scratch. According to, “Britney will be both renting a home in The Oaks while she simultaneously builds a new home in the same neighborhood – construction has not yet begun, but a contractor’s been hired.”

The house Britney was reportedly checking out, “Chateau Suenos,” is not even up for sale — meaning Britney will not reside there regardless of reports saying she will. “Jeff Biebuyck, the real estate agent for that listing, tells X17 that no one – least of all Britney Spears – has been shown the property as it is not on the market. Mr. Biebuyck goes on to say:


“I am the only person with the key [to the Chateau Suenos property] and I have never met Britney Spears and have never shown her this or any house. The house isn’t even on the market right now!”

At least the girl is getting out of the madness that is Beverly Hills, and moving to a more secluded, drama-free location. Atta-girl, B!

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