Choreographer Brian Friedman tells the collaboration between Britney and director Jonas Akerlund is epic.

Akerlund, who’s directed Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” Madonna’s “Ray of Light” and Pink’s “Sober” music video, worked with Friedman to create something truly special. “[When] Jonas and I got on the phone for the first time, I was actually jumping on a plane somewhere, so the conversation was very brief, but I am a huge Jonas Akerlund fan,” Friedman tells MTV News. “Anything that he does is magical. His eye for art is insane, so I was excited to work with someone who loves art so much and it’s not just a job, it’s not technical; it really is a string aesthetic to what he does.”

Friedman wants the video to focus on Britney’s dancing. “So with that said, I had a meeting with him at his house. We went through the video from top to bottom, and I gave him as much input from the dance side, ’cause it’s a dance video, as I could to try to help bring his story to life,” he recalled. “And the collaboration was incredible.”

“I really feel like bringing two artists together in a way like that – where the director really loves the dance and understands the art of the dance and doesn’t try to cover it up and water it down – is the best way to go,” he said.

“He was genius for me with dance.”

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