Britney’s team has taken a step toward ending the conservatorship, but it’s still far from over, according to

Lawyers and others involved in the case have been meeting to evaluate Britney’s progress with the hopes to end the conservatorship.

Britney’s dad / co-conservator Jamie Spears wanted to wait until the “Circus” tour ended before taking the first step (because he wanted to make sure he got paid), but now claims it’s “something he wants for his daughter only when the time is right.”

TMZ reports there have been several long meetings recently between lawyers and the court commissioner in the commissioner’s chambers.

Jamie and the lawyers will not make the final decision to end the conservatorship. THAT is left up to the “capacity expert,” a court appointed psychiatrist. “The capacity expert will do a thorough evaluation and submit it to the commissioner.”

TMZ claims Jamie fears ex-manager Sam Lutfi will re-insert himself into Britney’s life.

This is where it gets truly sad…

There are actually TWO conservatorships: One over Britney Spears the human being, and the other over her business affairs. The business conservatorship is likely to continue.

Of course! As long as they have their MONEY what the **** do they care?!

The issue in discussion is whether or not to free Britney herself from the conservatorship.

No decisions have been made, but it looks as if freeing Britney is on the agenda.


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