Britney Breakdown Blabber Blah Blah Blah

Even though Britney’s proved she’s fit to perform nearly 100 shows in Las Vegas, release several albums and tour the world, tabloids still love running with the ~Britney is going to have a breakdown~ drama. This week’s In Touch claims a source close to Britney worries she’s “slipping back into her old ways.”

“Gaining or losing weight, not being put-together…changes in physical appearance are all signs her problems are not being treated well,” says Dr.Carole Lieberman, an LA-based psychiatrist who hasn’t treated Britney ever. “If she doesn’t watch out, she could fall apart again.”

DUH. If anyone doesn’t watch out for themselves they could fall apart. Meanwhile, we’ve seen Britney laughing with her kids, running errands and spending time with family.

“She isn’t the driven girl that she used to be. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with her kids,” their source continued. “It wouldn’t surprise me if she retires as soon as her Vegas stint is over.”

Also duh.

Keep doin your thing, Brit. Breakdown stories are a quick buck, but damn can’t they come up with something a little more original? I’m ready for the ~Is Britney an alien?~ stories again. #notalone