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Britney and Boyfriend Sam Asghari Would Make Beautiful, Fit Babies

3 is a charm, two is not the same.

3 is a charm, two is not the same.

The pop star has accomplished more in her lifetime than most could in several.

Right now, she’s gearing up for a world tour, preparing speeches for when she accepts The Vanguard award at GLAAD’s 29th annual gala in April and the Fragrance of the Year award at the Hollywood Beauty Awards for Fantasy in Bloom, all while maintaining a hawt body.

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While I’d love to fantasize about a Glory followup, I can’t blame Britney for supposedly wanting to have another baby. That’s what Us Weekly, a tabloid, is claiming.

They spoke with an insider who claims to have knowledge of Britney’s inner-most intimate thoughts about wanting a baby with Asghari.



“Britney has talked with Sam about having babies together,” says their insider. “She was young when she had Sean and Jayden, and she feels much more mature now… She would love to have a baby girl.”

I can imagine in between SnapChat selfies the topic came up at least once in the last year of seriously dating. I’ll entertain this rumor.

“She wasn’t looking for a relationship. It just sort of happened,” a second source revealed. “They were having fun and enjoying each other’s company, but then they fell in love.”

It’s worth mentioning she’s sticking to her guns about not wanting to get married again. “It just doesn’t seem important to her at this point in her life,” they add.

Us has a couple more details why Sam is the perfect fit for Britney. You can read the full story here. It’s a waste of time well spent.

“I’ve been with this man for over a year,” Britney recently wrote on a platinum Instagram post (her first-ever to surpass one million likes). “Everyday he inspires me to be a better person and that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!”

Can you imagine a mini Britney in pigtails?! ^___^

Take another peek at that picture, as well as Britney’s Valentine’s Day post below.

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