Britney Books Kaballah Special For Baby Blessing

August 2, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears has planned a special Kabbalah blessing for her baby. .

The pregnant star has booked the religious group’s Los Angeles head quarters for a September ceremony – nine days after her baby is due.

The blonde singer and her husband Kevin Federline hope to invite up to 70 guests to the special ceremony, including fellow follower Madonna, who introduced Britney to the religion.
Madonna is also said to be helping Britney organise the event.

A source revealed: “Madonna introduced her to the faith and Britney has become more and more intrigued by it”

Britney, who was raised as a Baptist, credits Kabbalah with turning her life around and says it helped her get rid of a lot of negative influences that were leading her down the wrong path.

She said: “Whatever your religion may be, it’s amazing what the power of prayer can do, it can even perform miracles”.

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