Icelandic star says Britney can hide out at her place. Could the most bizarre friendship be developing in Celebsville? Eccentric singer Bjork has sent Britney Spears her diaries to help the troubled star deal with the pressures of fame and motherhood. Bjork, 41, has written to the mother-of-two because she went through similar low times when she was living in the UK. She kept a journal of her troubles and how she overcame them. And now the Icelandic pop-star hopes her experiences will help Britney, 25, overcome her problems. ‘I feel so sorry for her,’ says Bjork. ‘I have sent some of my thoughts that I wrote down when I was going through similar stuff.’

Generous Bjork has also offered the pop princess the use of her home in Iceland as a retreat. ‘I was able to move away, but she can’t,’ she tells the Daily Star. ‘But she can always stay in Iceland at my place.’


– OK so… I think this article caused me to excite myself to the point of wetting my pants a little. I remember years back a reporter asked Britney who was in her CD player in her car at the moment and Britney said Bjork; ultimately causing intrigue on my side, and I currently have all of her music, including her latest CD Volta! I think Bjork could offer Britney a brilliant ballad of some sort.

Britney if you’re reading this, take my advice and collaborate with Bjork on one song.

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