Britney Bieber Breakdown Blabber

May 22, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Britney Bieber Breakdown Blabber

There’s a heated discussion in Exhale about whether Justin Bieber is headed down a similar path as Britney circa 2007, and if he has it “worse” in the public eye.

Justin’s had his fair share of controversy in the recent months: his on-again off-again relationship with Selena Gomez, his pet monkey getting detained in Germany, show delays, even handling the audience booing him at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. Some say the relentless daily dramas are causing him to spiral, or… it will eventually.

This comment that sparked the debate:

“Seriously. He is the target of everyone. Even if some kids like him, most hate him. Old people and young people. Everyone calling him a ****** artist, calling him a ****** and a lesbian. Attacking him constantly for every little action he takes. Even if he pretends to be happy, the guy is not happy and it will not end well for him. I really think he has it worse.”

I personally think it’s odd to even compare the two because they’re very different artists both under a similar white-hot spotlight. Bieber is one of those popstars that people focus on more intensely than others because he simply has the x factor; people are fascinated by him just cause. He started out as a young, innocent kid, but is now entering adulthood where he’s making adult mistakes, and the scrutiny and pressure of it all would burden anyone.

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