Britney “Beyond Caring” About Conservatorship, Gives Up

June 11, 2010 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears is still under a conservatorship, despite releasing an album, touring the world and her extremely successful Candies deal. But, is she healed?

The conservatorship has been scheduled to end every three months for the last two years. Whether it was after her “Circus” release, once the tour ends, once the summer ends etc. It’s still in full effect, with everyone making a pretty penny off it except Britney, including her father, who acts as conservator over her life. In other words, Jamie makes all legal decisions for Britney, including her doctors, lawyers and team.

One source claims Britney is “beyond caring” about the conservatorship. Why? Because caring is no use! She’s stuck!

“Britney is just beyond caring [about being under conservatorship now], she hasn’t progressed that much and is far from being able to accept the responsibilities of being an adult. She’s in a different world, might as well be on Mars,” a source close to the Spears’ camp told Pop Tarts (via Fox News). “She has people around her that do everything for her, decisions for every little thing are made by her ‘people.’ She’s totally lost touch with reality.”

The only friends, says a source, are her backup dancers, even though they rarely hung out during the “Circus” tour. This social prison has affected Britney.

“Britney can’t … interact with other people. I know people that have met her several times, but she still doesn’t remember who they are and acts like they’ve never met,” said our insider. “Her family is also against any sort of ‘meet and greet’ after her shows [and] she isn’t really allowed to interact with anyone in the public.”

In other words, this conservatorship has changed Britney. Forever.

According to Beverly Hills psychologist, Dr. Cassidy F. Blair, who does not nor has ever treated Britney, says it comes as no surprise that Britney seems to have “become even more child-like since being placed under her father’s hold.”

“Once you begin treating someone as though they are a child and not competent enough to handle their life’s responsibilities, they will eventually start acting as such. It is not surprising that Britney has become even more immature and more dependent by having been less accountable for her own decisions and consequences,” Blair explained. “The first thing to look at is the fact that she clearly needs help and supervision in handling her responsibilities as a mother as well as her personal finances. The second element would be working with her on taking steps in learning to be a responsible adult and realize that she must eventually learn to grow up and take care of things herself, without relying on her father.”

There’s no more fingers to point. Britney needs to take action and stand up for herself for her children and her life! Can she even?

Be wary of others – the ones closest to you. The poison the feed you, and the voodoo that they do. But in rebellion, there’s a sparkle of truth. Don’t just stand there, do what you’ve got to do.