Britney was nervous to perform in front of Beyonce and JAY-Z at one of her Piece Of Me shows.

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Brit’s manager, Larry Rudolph, opened up to PollStar about the pop star’s new Vegas residency Dominate. He described the new show as more street and cooler – read more about that here.

The article also lists a string of A-listers who attended Piece Of Me over the years, and two of those ticket holders included Beyonce and JAY-Z – they saw her November 20, 2015 show.

Rudolph recalled the time he told Britney last-minute they were in attendance.

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“One night I was standing with Britney backstage,” Rudolph recalls, “and I was walking her to the stage, and as I literally said goodbye to her I said, ‘Oh, and Jay-Z and Beyoncé are sitting in the front row.’

“She said, ‘No! What!? Why didn’t you tell me? I can’t go out there.’ And I go, ‘That’s why I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want you to have time to think about it, now just go out and perform.’ And she was like, ‘You motherf—er,’ with a smile on her face.”

“And then of course, she went out and Jay and Beyoncé are sitting right there. And Dave Chappelle was there that night also. But that’s the way it rolled. Everybody wanted to see it.”

Humble relatable queen! Below is the performance of “Work *****” Beyonce and JAY were blessed to witness.

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