A source claims 75% of the show will be changed.


Come February 13, Britney’s Piece Of Me show will be 75% different.

We know one major change to the show is adding “Breathe On Me” to the setlist, but other than that fans have no idea how Brit’s Vegas residency will differ from the original. Rumor has it she’s also adding “Touch Of My Hand” immediately following “Breathe,” replacing the “Work *****” intro with another song and moving that number elsewhere and revamping “Womanizer,” “Gimme More” and “Break The Ice.”

According to a source via the Las Vegas Sun, “Britney is really loving the new show and believes it’s her best yet!”

They also claim 75% of the show will be different, which includes revealing new outfits that show off her best “assets.” She’s currently rehearsing in other venues outside of Planet Hollywood due to JLo’s All I Have residency.

“She’s in the greatest shape and happiest state of her life,” the source continued. “She can’t wait to unveil her new look and the show’s new look.” In case you’re living under a rock, Britney showed off her banging body earlier this week with three black & white videos. Her incredible shape takes work (*****) – not only is Britney exercising with a personal trainer three times a week, she’s cardio training, boxing running and twice weekly yoga sessions.

There’s rumors Britney is lowkey nervous that JLo is performing inside the Axis Theater now as well, but it sounds like she isn’t backing down!

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