Lucky us! Britney is the most loved celebrity in social media, according to new reports. Lady Gaga has 10 million Twitter followers, but it’s Britney who prevails with far more positivity!


“Amplicate, an online opinion collating resource that accounts for more than 95 million public opinions of social media users, reports that Britney is the most loved of Twitter’s Highest Followed People, with over 27 thousand positive opinions expressed on Twitter, Facebook and Amplicate within the last 3 months.”

Amplicate ranks Twitter’s Most Followed People to show how the Top 10 compare against each other in terms of public love, reach and absolute number of opinions. The service also publishes rankings and real opinions for over 200 thousand topics.

Opinions on who’s the Queen of Pop, the difference in music and who has the most loyal fan base sparked a wide-range of answers. Some think Britney’s living as close to a normal life as possible (a plus!) while Gaga wears meat dresses, others think Gaga writes her own music and sings live and is better (a plus!).

But it was Britney who ranked #1 on the list, shoving Gaga to #8! Looks like’s here to stay!

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