Britney: Be Part Of My Album 8 Artwork

Britney’s aiming for her most personal album to date, and wants to include her biggest fans to be a part of the Album 8 booklet.

The link leads to a page with details on how to send in your pics.

Submit photos of yourself with Britney, at one of Britney’s shows, wearing your favorite Britney t-shirt, and more for a chance to be a part of her next record’s album packaging!

All you have to do is fill out + sign THIS FORM, and send it along with your photos + captions to [email protected]. We CAN NOT use your photos unless you include the form with your submission.

The form asks participants to give their social security number and must be at least 18-years-old.

I’m sure your identity won’t be stolen, but if it is just call the po-lice or the guvuhnuh.