Ugh. What’s the point of running the biggest Britney website if she can’t even log on and check it out!

Brit’s team is keeping a close eye on her, ensuring she stays off the Internet because they fear she may be left to her own devices and read about her recent breakup from Jason.

“Britney seems confused and her team want someone with her constantly,” a source told Closer magazine. “They’re worried about what she sees and hears and have banned her from using the phone or going online. She speaks to her family on her security team’s phone. She’s extremely fragile.”

To keep her focused, they’re planning on a Vegas residency, hoping that’ll provide some stability, but some close to her fear it’s not a good move.

“It would be mentally and physical gruelling and, at the moment, she seems to be barely getting through the day,” a source claimed.

This source definetly knows what they’re talking about. Check out their insight to her eating habits: “She’ll eat chips, then say she wasn’t hungry. She needs all the support she can get.”

Gear up for a breakdown, y’all! Britney ate a bag of chips!


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