Here we go again…

from x17:
Update 1
We just witnessed, approximately 45 minutes ago, Britney Spears being driven by her bodyguard in her black Escalade SUV to the Century City hospital she visited on Sunday. We’re awaiting details from our photographers on the scene and we’ll be updating you as soon as possible.

Update 2
X17 has filmed Britney’s exit from Century City Hospital in Los Angeles. The cameras caught the moment Spears’ SUV left the medical building.

She arrived at the hospital around 2 pm and stayed for just more than 2 hours. Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph released a statement after Britney’s Sunday trip to the same hospital, attibuting the visit to a dental problem. We’re not yet sure why Britney made a second trip but we’re working on the story and will report to you as it develops.

Britney’s bodyguard-chauffeured Escalade headed back up to the singer’s Bel Air home, where Britney is now.

Update 3
Britney’s Back At The Dentist
LOS ANGELES (March 28, 2007) — For the second time in under a week, Britney Spears has paid a visit to the dentist.

Access Hollywood has learned Spears just left Dr. Bill Dorfman’s office at Century City Hospital.

Dorfman, who is a “dentist to the stars,” treated the pop singer for an undisclosed oral hygiene issue on Sunday.

The pop singer’s visit was to polish off her pearlies. A source close to the singer told Access she had the Zoom whitening system used on her teeth.

Source: Access Hollywood

— It’s weird enough that we can see what Britney is doing the same day she does it. But to see her LIVE? X17 is now making it so we will be able to watch Britney live right from our very own computer screen. What has this world become? I leave you with this latest quote from the horses mouth: “We’re continuing to test, so check it out here — the scene outside Britney’s house right now.”

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