Britney is auctioning off the silver dress she wore in the Radiance fragrance commercial for charity. From


“Friend of the Spears family, David Van Daff, welcomed a child into the world just a few short years ago who tragically suffered brain damage as he was born. Matthew, David’s now two-year old son, suffers from Quadripelgic Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Lung Disease, and seizures, and requires 24-hour care and supervision.

Today’s charity auction of Brit’s Radiance dress solely benefits precious Matthew. All proceeds will be used to fund the treatment of his illness, as he requires 16 hours of care a day from skilled nursing in the family home, as well as various physical, occupational, speech, developmental and vision therapies.

Britney’s manager took to her Twitter account to relay the message, saying:

“Such a great cause. Brit donated her dress from the Radiance ad to our friend David, who started a trust for his son with a brain injury.”

Britney’s assistant Brett followed that Tweet up with another:

“He put the dress up for auction & all proceeds will go to his son’s cause. u can learn more here: -Brett (Brit’s asst)”

The current bid is at $6200. Congrats to the winner, and God bless the Van Daff family.

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