Britney reportedly attended the CineVegas Film Festival yesterday evening in Las Vegas. Interesting… Britney has had several meetings with George Maloof recently, dinners and vacations with actor and director Mel Gibson, as well as appearing on two episode of CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother.”

“Everyone was there, including the film critics and reporters, the filmmakers, and the CineVegas pass-holders,” reports “Of course, she wasn’t mingling with the hoi polloi. The pool area has several private-ish covered booths where VIPs chill, and Britney mostly stayed in one of them. It honestly looked like a zoo exhibit, with everyone standing around gawking at Britney Spears in a re-creation of her natural habitat… She was kept company by two guy friends, a girl friend, and plenty of Grey Goose, and she never really looked at the crowd.” Those two guy friends were her father and George Maloof, and the “girl friend” was her assistant. As for the Grey Goose, count her out.

The reporter continues to say everyone began whipping out their cell phones to text message their friends about who had just arrived. Britney’s security was none-too-pleased about this thinking they make snap a pic of the pop princess, and demanded that phones be put away. “I happened to be standing near her zoo exhibit when I texted someone, and one of the burly, black-clad bodyguards who stood between her and the crowd said, “You better put that away.” His tone indicated that he knew I was only sending a text, but that I better not get any ideas about taking pictures. Goodness knows the last thing a reclusive, timid creature like Britney Spears wants is for someone to have a photographic depiction of her likeness, to join the 13,829,387,225,177,981 other pictures of her that already exist. I hadn’t considered taking a picture anyway, but of course now that I knew someone didn’t want me to, I wanted nothing more. But I didn’t want to have my phone confiscated by an ogre, so I refrained. Soon enough, everyone forgot she was there and went back to their partying, like it was just a typical night at CineVegas. Which it kind of was.”

In a crowd, yet so alone.

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