It’s awards show season – you know what that means? Time to get our hopes up over and over only for them to be crushed! My favorite! Let’s kick it off:

Is Britney attending this year’s Grammy’s?

According to new reports, jewelery designer Dara Dubinet has designed a $27,000 black Chinese agate rock ring for Britney to wear to the Grammy Awards in February.

“Dubinet started work on the huge gem after she spotted Spears wearing a Tourmaline ring she had created and sent to the pop star when she appeared on U.S. morning show Good Morning America on her 27th birthday in December.”

Dubinet tells Life & Style magazine she was told Britney “loved” her birthday gift. A source tells the publication, “She’s worn it several times, She says it has a positive energy, and it just makes her smile.”

“Gimme More” / “Piece Of Me” should have definitely been nominated. Blackout is epic.

She prob won’t go. But she’ll always have her grammy for “Toxic”! =/

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