So apparently Britney’s confirmed for some **** named the Bambi Awards?

According to Google Translator (what? Give me a break. It’s 3am, *****.), it says Britney is nominated for a Bambi award in the International Pop category.

OK it totally translated this next part weird:


The pop star is already sitting on an airplane and become the song “womanizer” from the new album “Circus” at the BAMBI Awards presentation.

Does that mean she’s performing “Womanizer?!”

“Their brilliant comeback after an absolute low point has impressed us all,” said Bunte-editor in chief Patricia Riekel at a press conference in Offenburg.

So yet another confirmed appearance for Britney in Europe? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

UPDATE: Check out a promo vid for the Bamib Awards which does feature Britney.

UPDATE 2: A German fan has sent in some details about what this all means!


Hey Jordan,

my name is Thomas and I’m from Germany. I just want to give you some details about the Bambi award. This award is one of Europe’s most important awards and will be broadcast to many European television stations (so it won’t be just shown in Germany).

The difference to other award shows is, that the winners are announced on a press conference before the show actually starts. So that’s why it is confirmed that Britney already won in the category “pop international”.

At the press conference, it was also confirmed that Britney will perform her 1# hit Womanizer live at the Bambi awards!!!

I hope I could clear some things up.

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