Britney was in good spirits as she shopped with boyfriend Sam Asghari.

This is probably the most refreshing piece of news we’ve reported about Britney in 2019. The pop star, who is constantly painted as crazy and unwell in the media, appeared to be doing just fine on Friday when paparazzi photographed her out and about with her man.

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Wearing a crop top and a pair of shades, Britney and Sam were strolling into Gap when a photog who was snapping pictures lost his balance and fell. The candid moment caught Britney’s attention; she burst into laughter before telling Sam to help him up because she felt bad.

Paps were sure to toss a bunch of questions at Britney.

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One asked if she’s looking forward to more freedom when the conservatorship ends, and it appears she gave a small nod. They also tell her there are reports that she may never perform again, which stem from an interview her manager Larry Rudolph gave to TMZ. Rudolph says he hasn’t spoken with Britney in months.

“Awe,” she said. They reframed the question, asking if she’ll perform again one day and without hesitation said, “of course.”

The paps also asked Britney if she has any message for her fans: “I love you guys.”

Britney and Sam make their way to Brit’s Mercedes, and the two drive off (with our fav in the driver’s seat) and make a quick run to In-N-Out.

Speaking of TMZ… Harvey Levin said on the site’s show to not believe what you see in these images… that Britney is still “not doing well.” It’s the narrative they want to keep, because a sane Britney to the courts doesn’t justify the need for a conservatorship, and it appears TMZ has ties to those connected to the legal restraints. Sounds conspiratorial, but take a look at the videos below and you be the judge:

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