Britney Army Slays Celebuzz Competition

Britney DESTROYED Katy Perry, One Direction, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Eminem in Celebuzz’s A-Pop-Calypse competition.

She won (almost) every category she was nominated in:

Which Album Are You Most Looking Forward To?
Who Had the Best First Single?
Who Will Release the Best Music Video This Era?
Which Album Will Sell the Most Its First Week?
Which Album Will Sell the Most Overall?
Which Album Will Be the Best Reviewed By Critics?
Which Album Will Rake in the Most Awards?
Which Album Will Have the Most #1 Singles?
Which Album Will Exceed Expectations?

The only category Britney did not take was the “Which Album Will Disappoint” poll, graciously giving the win to Lady Gaga.

Congrats, Britney Army. You continue to remain flawless and kill these online polls!